5 Tips - How to make brands collaboration photoshoot


We did it and so can you! As my experience showed the hardest work was to organize everything. This was a great experience and opportunity to make something interesting and different. And now I would like to share my story and tips how we did it.
1. Clear vision and goals for the shoot.
Like any other project you need to spend some time to set your goals and to clarify the vision. Our idea to make a brands group photo shoot came to me about 6 months ago. I spoke with some colleagues that have their own handmade business and we agreed to implement this idea. After discussing the idea several times we put it aside for a while. But this photo shoot hasn’t left my mind. I found some free time and started organizing everything.
Main idea.
The first step was the main message, what we would like to show. How to show all individual brands in one shot. And the best thought comes through debates. So we decided to show some Hygge lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to ask your partners for help. Keep in mind that more people brainstorming are better than one and it may help you with some organizing.
You need to decide where your photos will be used.
  • Website 
  • Sales pages 
  • Blog posts 
  • Social media
  • Newsletter
  • Business cards, postcards etc.
2. Inspiration board for your photo shoot.
It’s time to gather inspiration that will help to capture the look and feel you’re hoping to show in your photos. Creating an inspiration board will help to brainstorm specific shot ideas. Do research in Google and Pinterest to find what you can use for your shots. Use your imagination and find out how you can gather the ideas with your brands and make everything stylish and solid.
3. Make a detailed shot list.
Organize your ideas with color palette, style and personality in mind. Write a detailed list of shot views, angles, things that will be in the shot, props. You can make some pictures collages of how the photos should look like. Our ideal personality of shots was decided earlier, so I just needed to think about colors, shot angles, and styling. In every picture we wanted to show cozy, happy, fulfilling life…
4. Find the right place and interior.
Find a place where you will make a photo shoot and analyze in which spaces you will make your shots. Our biggest challenge was to find the interior that fit our main idea to show the hygge lifestyle. After a few days of browsing apartment rent sites and calling asking if they will let us in just for a few hours to make a photo shoot, we had found the right place. Unfortunately the day before the shooting a rental agent called me and cancelled our reservation. So the search marathon took one more day. Keep in mind that there is always risk that something can go wrong and you need to have an extra plan.
5. Find matching brands and items.
As everything started with my CozyLinen textile, WoolenClogs slippers and shoes and Pillowlink pillow cases, we knew that all products should be eco friendly and cozy. We needed a few more brands to finish the full design so I found a great ceramics master MissdishCeramics and we also needed some clothes for our model so Gusste helped us with knitted clothes from wool and cotton.
All our brands matched in style and colors so it was easier to work with all products together.
All our team: 
Decorative pillows - Pillowlink
Linen textile, blankets - CozyLinen
Felted slippers, wool leg warmers - WoolenClogs
Original design ceramic dishes - MISSDISHceramics
Dresses and cardigans - Gusste
Model - Stefania German
Photographer - Simona Benetyte

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