Linen clothing - what so great about them


Clothes made of linen breathe well, feel lightweight and can be worn for casual or formal occasions. It provides unlimited air access to the body. In such clothes you will never be hot - linen tops, skirts and dresses are pleasantly cold, creating around the body of the owner a certain layer of cool air. Even to the touch, this fabric remains cold in bright sunlight. What could be better in the scorching heat?
Blush pink summer dress by CozyLinen
Linen fabric removes moisture at high speed, the release of which is inevitable in hot weather, from the body. But the tissue itself does not remain wet for a long time. Linen things dry very quickly, evaporating the liquid from the fibber. The flax has unique bactericidal properties, stops the development of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor of sweat on the skin, minimizes the risk of skin diseases caused by increased sweating.
Linen is durable and practical and the more often it is worn and washed, the softer, smoother and more beautiful it becomes.

Wonderful set - Long skirt and Cross back top
So our goal is to give you a high quality clothes. Clothes to be durable, to last more than a couple of seasons. Clothes that will keep the same shape they had when you bought them, and to neither stretch out nor shrink over time. We want to give you things that fit the shape of your body, not distort your silhouette or restrict your movements. We give you fabric that will not pills or fades after wearing or washing it a couple of times. Linen will feel good on the skin, so you can enjoy wearing them instead of taking them off as soon as you get home. And lastly, we also want to give you only the best quality goods. A smooth fabric, neat seams, beautiful detailing. Not something that is about to fall apart. Visit our SHOP for more of our handmade clothes.
White top and Blue skirt with wool

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