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Lithuania has very old traditions in growing flax and weaving highest quality line fabric. At some point of time linen fabric was the only fabric available in Lithuania to make home textiles and clothes. So roots of expertise and love for linen fabric go way back beyond my business story.
My grandmother worked in linen manufacturing for 30 years during soviet times. My mother worked in the same company till 2001. At home they were knitting lot of napkins, place-mates and tablecloth of linen. So all my life I was surrounded with linen. And in the 2015 I opened my own e-shop of linen textile CozyLinen.
I love linen and share that love with my customers. I am here to help my customers to discover the beauty and benefits of linen fabric by offering the widest range and affordable customized product solutions for their home and business.
Specification of linen
Linen is a wonderful natural fabric. It is very durable, washes easily and dry quickly. Linen is perfect to use in your kitchen and home. And for sure it is one of the best decision for commercial use. Restaurants, cafes and flower shops are very satisfied when using linen.
This perfect natural fabric are just adorable when You need to decorate Your wedding table too.

My main goals are happy and satisfied clients.
So I use only the best Lithuanian linen. I can help You to choose product You need and make a custom order when You will need something different.
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