Linen Kitchen Textile


As the seasons change, so does the cooking. 
Salads and smoothies turn into soups, cookies and casseroles. Our wide range of kitchen textiles supports your cooking style throughout the year.

Aprons, Tea Towels and bread bags accentuate your kitchen as a designer would. Use kitchen aprons and towels to bring color and character to your kitchen décor or use these textiles to create a theme.
Long Grey Linen Chef APRON is handmade of Natural linen long cafe apron with pockets and longer cut is suitable for those looking for longer coverage. Waist apron. Ties comfortably with a long sash and has deep, roomy pockets at the front.

 Linen is an eco-friendly material. Natural Linen has the ability to absorb moisture better than cotton and dry more quickly. It will last for years. Linen dish towels will look neat and will create the atmosphere of a cozy runaway place.
We have a wide range of Linen colors to choose. Our products can be used not only for home but even for cafes, restaurants and big occasions as weddings.
We have lot of great clients and can offer larger quantities and better prices with a big orders.

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